Never too late to learn something new...

About what feels like a hundred years ago, I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Then I went to work for a while, coding every single day of my life, till I felt like I couldn’t code anymore. I decided I needed a change & went on to do my MBA from Thunderbird

Despite my MBA, deep down I still long to go back to my coding days. I guess it boils down to what makes you happiest, right? But here is the catch - when you don’t practice a language for long enough, it slowly recedes from your memory and you find it harder and harder to remember the grammar and the words. Programming languages are no different. If you don’t program for a while, your coding skills get rusty and you find it hard to remember the syntax and curse through even the simplest of logic. And I’m exactly at that stage now. 

So in an attempt to get back to what I truly love, I’m going to start writing about my progress with learning Ruby on a day to day basis. I’ll point to some resources that I’m using + problems I’m solving + all other things Ruby.

This makes me so happy :)