Cool things I've learned from other Ruby learners - Part 1

 I’ve been following a lot of tumblrs that talk about Ruby, Hacker Schools and Programming bootcamps lately. This has been great for me because I almost always learn something new from them. This is what I learned from “Keep Calm && Program”:

Rails Girls Summer of Code - this is a program that helps Rails Girls students to get into Open Source. This is a big deal because the industry could do with some diversity. It is targeted at ruby beginners & you team up with another Ruby learner, find a mentor and work on open source projects for a few months. What is really awesome about this program is that you actually get paid to learn. What more can you really want? 

I wish I had known about this sooner because this is right up my alley, but I missed the deadline by a day. It’s so frustrating when something like that happens! But anyways, I’m putting this info out here just in case it is of interest to someone else. I’m going to do this during their next cycle :)