App Academy - Coding Challenge 1

This is App Academy’s prep-work for the first coding challenge. I had to take two coding challenges - the first was fairly easy, the second a bit more complicated.

I did a very through job with the prep-work because this would set the foundation for my future Ruby learning. I told myself that my goal should be to jumpstart my Ruby prep, not to make it through this coding challenge. And this approach worked really well for me. In all, I think this was about 10-12 hours of reading & coding.

I loved both the resources from the prep-work:

  • Chris Pine’s Learn to Program - this helped me get started on basic Ruby. While I love reading books, I’ve never succeeded in learning a programing language by reading one. I prefer a more hands-on approach to code, but this book was still perfect because I got to learn by doing several of the examples. Also, it’s super funny. Humor is very much appreciated when you are coding at midnight & your brain is already completely fried from the happenings of the day ;)
  • Ruby Monk - what a great little resource. After reading the book, this tutorial was perfect for more hands-on coding + I learned a lot of new things from here that weren’t part of the book. I especially loved the coding exercises here, which were a good mix of easy & challenging. 

If you’ve programed before (especially in PHP or Python), you can skip right to Ruby Monk. While Chris Pine’s tutorial is great & I highly recommend it, if you are short on time & prefer to learn as you go, Ruby Monk is a better resource. If you have never programed before, read the tutorial first. That’s all for now. I’ll post my take on the example problems in the prep-work in the next few days!

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