App Academy

A week ago, just as I was toying with the idea of learning Ruby, I came across a Hacker School called App Academy. It is a 9-week intensive web development lab that prepares you to be a full-stack web developer. That totally sold me, but what is even better, is their business model. You don’t have to pay tuition upfront, you pay them only if you get a dev job after course completion. How great is that? (And how low-risk!)

Personally, I think more educational institutions should adopt this practice. This makes both stakeholders - the teacher/educational institution & the student - more responsible. A student is more motivated to learn everything he/she can. And the educational institution does not get complacent because it’ll only turn a profit if it does a good job of making the student career ready. I digress. I’m just glad that more such schools are springing up (even as I write this post!). 

Anyway. I ended up applying to them because I could use some discipline & structure, while I work towards changing my career path. Let me tell you, these guys are so responsive, my mind is blown. I applied over the Memorial Day weekend (5/27) & I’m already on my way to interviewing with them this week. I had to take two coding challenges in between. I’ll write about them in detail in a different post. I hope I make it through, but even if I don’t, all the prep-work I’ve done to even qualify to interview with them has already set me up on the path to learning Ruby faster than I could have if I had tried to do it on my own. So, *fingers crossed* :)